SpringTech Services, Inc.


Variable Speed Drives Repair


•Also Called as VFD or VSD, Type of Inverter for Energy Savings
•Used to Drive Motors and Pumps.
•Used in Lift, Cranes, Conveyors, Automations
•We are Capable of Repair and Test In House
•Authorized and Trained in: 

  • Lenze Germany
  • AMTECH India

•Capable of Repair Others VFD

  • ABB
  • Parker
  • Danfoss
  • Yaskawa
  • ETC.

•Repair Up to 110kW 


High Voltage Test Systems Repair


•High Voltage Test Systems Usually Used for
  • Oil Tester
  • Dielectric Test
  • –Insulation
  • Cable Fault Testing
  • Hi Pot Testing and Safety Test
•Repair Up to 70kV
•Brands Includes
  • Megger, sebaKMT, Phenix Technologies, Baur, Hipotronics, Haefely



High Current Test Systems Repair


•High Current Test Systems Usually Used for
  • Primary Current Injection Test Sets
  • Secondary Current Injection Test Sets
  • Low Resistance Test Sets
•Circuit Breaker Analysers
•Repair Up to 15kAmps
•Brands Includes
  • Megger, T&R, Programma, Omicron

PCB Repair Services


•Our PCB Repair Service is an Unique Process Using State of Art Tools
  • PCB Control Boards Repair
  • Obsolete Power Supply Boards Repair
•We are able to source for hard to get components
•We are able to read the EEPROM and rewrite
•PCB Reworking Services
  • Repair of damaged printed circuit board
  • PCB Trace Repair
  • BGA Reballing
  • PCB Reverse Engineering

Equipment Troubleshooting Services 


•Equipment Troubleshooting Usually On-Site services
•We are able to troubleshoot with very little information provided
•We are fully equip with troubleshooting instruments
•And the diagnostic tools such as
  • Process Meters, Multimeters
  • Thermal Analyser, Current Meter
  • Scopemeter, Spectrum Analysers
•But most of all the years experiences we had from
  • Semiconductor Company - StatsChipPack
  • Pharmaceutical Company - Sunward
  • Chemical Company – Kyocera
  • Avionics - Zodiac 


Marine Electronics Services


•Marine Electronics Services
  • Mathers Controllers
  • Mooring Winch Controller
  • Control PCB for Power Supply
  • Boiler Control PCB
  • Navigational Controllers
  • Touch Panels
  • Maersk
  • FTN
  • IKM Subsea
  • SCDF
  • Voscorp
  • Swire Pacific


Touch Panel & HMI Repair Services


•Touch Panel Problems
  • Touch is not sensitive
  • Unable to Communicate
  • Unable to Power Up
•Brands We repaired so far
  • ProFace
  • Siemens
  • MappleSystems
  • Keyence
  • Eaton
  • Advantech

EEPROM Duplication Services


•EpromPRO specializes in virtually all types of chip programming (prom / eprom / CPU / PAL / GAL / PICs) and eprom duplication, from vintage DIP eproms to newer PLCC, SOIC and TSOP chips.
•Our machines have reliably duplicated/copied millions upon millions of chips for thousands of electronics manufacturers.
•Chip /EPROM Programmers More For Less.

RF Generator Repair Services

•Full RF Testing with Load and Bird Meter is Available


Preventive Maintenance


Preventive / Corrective Maintenance


•Chemical and Life Sciences
  • NYP
  • ITE
  • SP & NP
  • SSMC
  • Stats Chip Pack
  • Avago
•Calibration Labs
Lab Equipments Services


•We maintain and service
  • Centrifuges
  • Bead Retrievers
  • Freezer Dryers
  • Humidity Chambers
  • Thermal Cycler
  • Homogenizer
  • Incubators​ 


Thermal Imaging


•Predictive Maintenance



Corona Detection in HV Cables


•Corona Arch Detection using Camera for Maintenance


 Testing Service


•Portable Appliances Testing (PAT)
  • Safety Appliance Testing
  • Ensure your appliance is save to use
•Battery Testing
  • On-Site Battery testing
  • Maximize the usage of Batteries
  • Predict the Lifetime of Batteries
  • Don’t throw good batteries
  • Change battery before it breakdown



Teradyne Card


  • Precision Card
    • Successfully Repaired 10 Cards
    • Cost Savings 100KUSD
    • Savings Pass to the Customer


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