SpringTech Services, Inc.


SpringTech Services, Inc.

Springtech Supplies and Services Inc. derived another part of its business from the successful corporation, generally known in the electronic services and supplies business as the One-Stop-Shop Semiconductor company.

From its previous main core and technical staff, Springtech Supplies and Services Inc. remains the best technical squad for electronics supplies and fabrications and services through its re-incarnation.



  • Air Filter, Hydraulic Filter,  Air/Water/Oil Separator
  • Nano Filter, Hepa Filter, Washable Filter Element
  • Any OEM/Customized Industrial & Commercial Filter


  • Brand (Seiwa Japan, Kawai)
  • Band Heater, Cartridge Heater, Nozzle Heater
  • Coil Heater, Thermocouple Sensor, Emersion Heater
  • Cable, Coil & Oven Heater, Quartz, Furnace, RTD
  • Other OEM/Customized Heater

Our Team

Our company has 4 pillars namely the Engineering Team, the Hardware Development Team, the Software Development Team, Service Team. These teams are equipped with full credibility and understanding on their respective areas, qualified to provide our customers with their needs, and are individually responsible for their own product of expertise.

Though separated into teams, we provide our customers not just the opinion of one but all of us the best, as we carefully review and develop every project wisely and efficiently. Altogether, we can provide you almost any kind of engineering service we can offer.


Our Mission

Our electric current starts with our mission, which is persistent.  It states that our determination as a company serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To be the most efficient electronics service team while we inspire moments of optimism and happiness to ourselves and our clients.
  • To create a value but fair service to our clients without jeopardizing work efficiency and quality: to make a difference.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple; for our people: to be known of its quality and diversity in line with engineering marvels, for our partners and clients: to build not only a customer relationship but a family-like interaction where there is trust and harmony, and for our profit: to maximize abiding return of investment while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.


Hardware Development


This team specializes in most hardware fabrication and design activities. Projects that may require automation this team has it all.

Capabilities and Project involves:

  • Hardware Modifications, Fabrications and Design
  • PCB Design and Fabrications
  • Metal and Iron Works
  • Installation of Devices, Mo…

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Software Development


This team specializes in almost all kinds of Software Needs from Offline to Online applications and from Internet Applications to Mobile Applications.

Capabilities and Project involves:

  • Recipe Management
  • Software Restoration, Upgrade and Development whenever possible
  • Offline Application for v…

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Other Services - SINGAPORE


Variable Speed Drives Repair


•Also Called as VFD or VSD, Type of Inverter for Energy Savings
•Used to Drive Motors and Pumps.
•Used in Lift, Cranes, Conveyors, Automations
•We are Capable of Repair and Test In House
•Authorized and Trained in: 

  • Lenze Germany
  • AMTECH In…

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